Sunday, June 17, 2012

Camp for Banna

 Savanna has gone to camp she will be gone until next Friday. I hope she has a great time. They say you should write them happy letters send the letters with them and then they can read them all week. That was hard for me to do but I did a short one for each day. I LOVE YOU ALL THE WAY TO THE MOON AND BACK MISS BANNA..

Come on somebody cure this **it already... I am not a pink type of girl, never have been, but my grand-daughter thinks I should be now.


  1. She will treasure those notes Ninnie.
    I hope she has a great time.
    hugs ♥♥

  2. I know she loves you back, from all the way beyond the moon twice!

  3. Oh it is July 15 and you are not posting nor is Savanna. Did she enjoy her summer camp? xoxoxo


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