Friday, May 4, 2012

Memories and Thanks

Last year for the Talladega 
Aaron's 312
Aaron's 312. My great in all ways nephew called me and said "Aunt Terri would you like to go to a race this weekend". I thought he meant go watch him race somewhere I knew he was into that kind of thing. So I told him yes I would. Next thing I knew he was explaining to me how he had 2 tickets to Talladega and I could have them. He knew how much I liked Nascar and so he offered them to me. I gladly excepted them and went about planning my trip. The year the racetrack opened Daddy took us all to the Saturday race there. That was the only time I had ever gone to a big race. But I watched them on TV with Daddy for many years. Then by myself for many years. Then one day after Jamie was grown a race came on and she was taking a nap. But when they said as they always do for the beginning of each race "GENTLEMEN STARRRRRRRT YOUR ENGINES" The roar of those engines started and Jamie sat bolt upright and said to me "That is the most beautiful sound I have ever heard in my life."
So when I started planning my trip the only person I considered going with me was Jamie. Max or Angela neither had ever shown any real interest in the racing like she had. So we got excited by the thought of going to the race. We had no idea exactly where we were going, well we knew where but not how to get to the racetrack itself. Two clueless women headed on an adventure. And it was a grand adventure. We left early that morning and even with a GPS we managed to get lost. I think someone was giving us bad directions on the phone due to jealousy. Even if they were it did not work. We laughed and laughed. We were late getting there yes indeed you might have made us late but the race also ran late so the only thing we missed was the fly over of the jets and we still got to see them leave.And we got to see the whole race and My man won it since Tony Stewart was not in it. It was a fantastic day for both of us we laughed more than I can remember ever laughing, all the way up there and all the way home. What a grand adventure you gave to us Tony. 
At the time it happened we thought I would be gone by this years and Jamie thought she would be left here to remember our trip. But no life played a cruel trick on us. I am still here but she is gone. So I am the one left here with the memories.  So Tony I want to Thank You for one of my best memories with Jamie. I Love You Boy you are very special. Aunt Terri

Come on somebody cure this **it already... I am not a pink type of girl, never have been, but my grand-daughter thinks I should be now.


  1. What a wonderful memory Terri.

    We none of us know what life has in store, but you and Jamie shared so much together.
    It must be lovely to have this to look back on.

  2. Ninnie, such a touching story. I have tears now. I know how much this memory means to you and so grateful you have it. Thank you for sharing your heart. Love you! BIG HUGS. xoxo

  3. Ninnie I did not realize you were blogging.(Must've gotten distracted @ FB) It is great to see you back here.Thanks for sharing this sweet memory. Holding you in my heart.

  4. EEEW on your Diety of the Day story CORN WOMAN. Ick Ick! Loveya girl. Hope you are having at least a peaceful day today (Sunday). xoxo


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