Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Story of Jamie one anyway for now.

Everyone has been talking about how sweet and loving my daughter was. I knew it but I don't think I had put together just how much she affected lives around her. Do not get me wrong I knew bits and pieces and I sure knew how much she did for me,but she never really talked about how much she helped people. But I think this story truly tells the depths of her emotions for people. Not just people she knew but strangers also.
     There was this Marine from my hometown. Now I didn't know him and Jamie didn't know him. But he was killed in the line of duty His name was Lance Cpl. Jason Barfield he was only 22. His family asked that residents line the route from the airport where his plane came in to the funeral home. Jamie and I were going somewhere that morning. I don't remember where now and I guess it does not matter. I just know it put us on the route his body would be taking, and his family had asked for support. Jamie and I did not think there were as many people as there should have been. We discussed the fact that it seemed like a small turn out. And my daughter that always thought of others said to me "Mom do you mind if we stop and join in?" I told her no it was fine if we joined. And so she pulled into a parking lot. Got my wheel chair out and wheeled me toward the road so we could show his family some support. Where we parked were some bikers, she didn't know those particular bikers but she was proud to see them there supporting his family as we were. He was also escorted by the Patriot Guard Riders. Lots and lots of Motorcycles there that day. Which made her proud. So that was my Jamie she could be a bitch when she felt the need but she also could be the best friend you would ever want if she thought you deserved her friendship whether she knew you or not.
 When it came her turn there where lots of motorcycles there for her, each and every one a friend of hers. And when they revved those engines for her it was the most beautiful tribute I have ever heard.  And when they did it again at her poker run I know she was smiling. We discussed the fact that the roar of those engines at any poker run gave us chills. And was a way cool part of it beyond the fact that if you are there it was to help someone who needs your help. Love you Jamie always will, Mom.
 This video was taken by Angela after the funeral as we were getting ready to go to the cemetery.

Come on somebody cure this **it already... I am not a pink type of girl, never have been, but my grand-daughter thinks I should be now.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

I know it is almost over BUT...

Come on somebody cure this **it already... I am not a pink type of girl, never have been, but my grand-daughter thinks I should be now.

Friday, December 23, 2011


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Friday, December 16, 2011


   I just do not know what to say or do. She gone? It still does not feel real but I know in my brain it is just not in my heart. When I am in her living room I just keep thinking she is going to walk in the front door. No no Jamie in that door but I don't know how many people have stopped by many, many, sweet people. From family to friends, bikers to teachers.
   And donations to help the family and to pay for the funeral. We do not know who has donated "But we Thank you more than you will ever know." There is an account at the bank for donations, The funeral home has been accepting donations There are jars out at stores and bars for her. Everybody loved her and man it shows.
I Love You My Angel on Earth and now Gone from sight but I am sure still with us and watching over us.

Jamie Tharpe Chancey

Covenant Funeral Services

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Posted by: Covenant Funeral Services
Date: Dec 14 2011 11:37 AM

Covenant Funeral Services

1468 Hartford Highway

Dothan, Alabama 36301

Phone: (334) 699-5273  Fax: (334) 699-1668

toll free 1-888-503-5273

Mrs. Jamie D. Tharpe Chancey died Tuesday, December 13, 2011 in Ozark. She was 35.
A  funeral service honoring the life of Mrs. Chancey will be held at 12 Noon, Friday, December 16, 2011 in the chapel at Covenant Funeral Services. Interment will follow in Crestlawn Cemetery under the direction of Covenant Funeral Services.
The family will be receiving friends one hour prior to service time on Friday from 11 to 12 Noon.
Jamie was born February 12, 1976 in Dothan, the daughter of Max and Teresa (Richards )Tharpe. She enjoyed being  a biker but her true joy in life came from being a loving mother and wife.
She was preceded in death by two children, Tyler and Hunter.
Jamie leaves behind to cherish her memories her husband, Trai Chancey of Ozark, her parents, Max and Teresa Tharpe, daughter, Savanna Phillips of Ozark, sons, Amos Tharpe, Jakob Buckner, Keenan Phillips all of Ozark, and a sister Angela Tharpe of Ozark.

Come on somebody cure this **it already... I am not a pink type of girl, never have been, but my grand-daughter thinks I should be now.