Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Halloween Art

 I found this online. Toilet Paper Tube Faces. Thought the Grand kids mike like to do them. I did a simple one like shown on the site. Told them they could do theirs any way they wanted. I had painted them all orange. Told them they were going to be Halloween decorations.
Keenan did not like his face so he just painted over the whole thing.
 Jakob painted a vampire with a pierced nose.
 Savanna painted spiders for eyes but then she put one googly pink eye over one of the spiders. She also blooded it up.
 Will did his face like one on the site but added pink googly eyes.
 All of them together. Left to right Savanna's, Mine, Jakob's William's, and Keenan's.

Come on somebody cure this **it already... I am not a pink type of girl, never have been, but my grand-daughter thinks I should be now.


  1. Wow, everybody has different ideas and wild imaginations. Good job!!

  2. What a fun idea - they look great all together like that too. Hope you all had a happy Halloween!

  3. Hope you're all enjoying a happy Thanksgiving. Hugs and blessings to you, all!


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